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Blogging Sites

As I discover more places to post blogs I will endeavor to add them to this list as well as any information that I can to help you make choices.

  • FREE Sites
    • Blogger This is a Google property and will require a Google Email address to access.
      • Go to Google click on the Gmail link and then look for the create an account button and sign up for a Google email address. It will come in handy for other things and is FREE.
    • WordPress per WordPress this is both FREE and priceless
      • Note this is used by many people however there is a small learning curve as with most software. 

  • Not FREE
    • Typepad has scaled fees depending on your usage or demands.
    • Square Space has received a great number of good reviews from people in the blogging industry.
      • There is a free trial and if you are know a bit about CSS and HTML this could be the place as you will have a great deal more control. There are many differnt levels of service so that you can find the one that fits your needs. .