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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Tool for Blogging–Replaces Live Writer

Windows Live Writer has been depreciated by Google and in the process I had to find another tool. In my discovery research I found that Microsoft had put Windows Live Writer out to Open Source. Now we have Open Live Writer – which I am finding quite good.

openlivewriter-purpleheaderI did make a post on Curious Voyager (where you can also find me) regarding the use of Open Live Writer and I suggest you look into Open Live Writer. The link is and you can download from there.

While at the website, for Open Live Writer, take a look around. Perhaps you would be interested in some of the opening’s they have on board.

I know help is needed as I just discover that Spell Check is not working. I am sure they, at Open Live Writer, are working on it. I need that tool to be sure.

Happy Blogging!