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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Article: How To Write A Blog With Great Content Every Time

The following was captured via Flipboard on my Nexus 7 and posted to this blog. Follow the link at the bottom for the complete article.

Finding content for your blog is not impossible. There are many places to find ideas. You started a blog for your brand. You knew it was time, and you knew how it would benefit you. And, at the …

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Article: Can Anyone Read the Writing on Your Blog?

I make my living as a freelance copywriter, which is why many people won't play "Word With Friends" with me. They figure I must know dozens of long and esoteric words. But I believe my success d …

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Update on Ease of BLogging

I know that it has been sometime since I have posted here. Perhaps blogging really got to easy and we have all learned a way to get OUR word out. I still have issues with software and find that often coming right here to Blogger and using the tools built in work best.

I know I can access my pictures (like the one on the right. I can pick those pictures up from my computer, Picasa, and even my phone. I do have to watch the size they start out as what you see on the left is the smallest size I could make of the picture that I had on file. This picture is actually a screen shot taken on my iPad and then emailed to me so that I could include it in a post on Curious Voyager.

You know I find that the old adage of "If you give them an inch they will take a mile" kind of works for learning new tools. If you can do this then I discover something I would like to do but can't with this specific too so the journey begins. Same with app's on your phone or now app's on a computer.

I would like to be able to re-size a picture, within the blog, so that it appears as I think it should. Why not? It is my blog.

As a side note there are a great number of really good stories in this issue of Wired Magazine. I find reading it on my tablets to be of great value. Now if I could just blog from the tablet as easy as I can from this computer. I guess that is for another day.