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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab For Blogging

I may have posted here before from a 'on-the-road' device but today I am trying to do this with a Blogger app and using my new Samsung Galaxy Tab. I am also using a Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard to do my typing with. So far it is working well however without spell check this is not a good subsitute for using my notebook computer. I for one believe that spell check is important as when we are writing we are more concerned about the flow of thought than we are spelling and spell check (over the years) has played an important part in watching over us.

The other issue is that you cannot add a graphic real easy. There is a 'picture' button and a 'camera' button however not necessarily easy to work with.

I do have to admit the ability to work with or without the keyboard is interesting. I  have added the Nuance FlexT9 keyboard to this tablet. It is the same one that I use on the HTC Thunderbolt phone that I have. The Samsung Tab does come with it's own Swipe type keyboard it is just that I am used to the one on the phone. Any swipe like keyboard is really interesting in landscape mode - you get a lot of arm exercise moving all around. You do learn the keyboard better once you get into the swipe. Actually I really get into it in Portrait mode. I can take a lot of notes and quickly. I believe that is the whole thing about using the tablet. Only now a spellchecker please - one that is built into the tools not something I have to run on the side.

I do like the screen capture function, that is cool.

Happy blogging.