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Friday, January 14, 2011

The New Rules of Branding Your Business Online

The New Rules of Branding Your Business Online: "The new rules of branding your business on the Web have a lot less to do with presentation, and a lot more to do with interaction."
This is a really good read. All 9 of the rules that the writer's (Inc. Staff) lay out here make a great deal of sense. They are worth thinking about and seeing how you fit in with them.

Too many corporate social media attempts today still think of it as a self promotion tool, it's kind of arrogant in a way.

I particularly like no. 8. Make sure your About Us page on your web site tells people who you and your company 'really' are. I remember in the middle 90's you could join a newsgroup but would be removed for self-promotion. We countered that by having a really good signature line and it worked.

Being in the travel business at the time you would join some travel group where people would ask questions of members of the group. You could answer there question as if in a conversation 'with friends'. Give them the all the information FREE, even little side benefits and then sign off with your name. However you were allowed to have a 6 line signature and that would tell the whole story. I know people who make their phone ring a great deal from this. Never promote in the group, let your signature say everything. Why? Because people read it.

When finding a web site of interest I will always go to the About Us page and look it over. If that page does not come off friendly and I cannot find out anything about the company I generally will not stay on the site. There is also a lack of trust is the company does not want to say much about themselves in a place that was meant for just that.

Use the About Us page to present yourself in the best light, use your blog to solve problems for people.

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