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Monday, December 27, 2010

Leo Laporte Builds Empire With ‘This Week in Tech’ -

Great article at the New York Times on what someone did with a blog, then a podcast, and now video.

Determination, enthusiasm, and a love for what he was doing. I believe him when he says he was not always sure where it was going to end up but he kept pushing the edge of the envelope and I think that is what we need to do.

Keep looking. It is out there and I guess that is what I am doing.

Leo Laporte Builds Empire With ‘This Week in Tech’ -

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  1. Great video. I am a long time listener of TWIT. It is great to see that Leo is expanding. The Time machine tunnel I get but it only goes back in time. Leo's office is at the end:-). sorry I could not help myself, I am also of that time......


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