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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Keeping Your Ear To The Ground–So To Hear

I have been using various apps to “listen” to the social media tools that I pay a little attention to. I said that right. Days will go by and I will not have tuned into Twitter or Facebook.

In the past I have used the computer and my phone to occasionally see what is going on however it doesn’t quite do the job. I want to be able to tune in from time to time without a great deal of hassle.

I have been using TweetDeck and have found it quite useful however it is one more thing to start up and I am looking for something that is just there.

tweetdeckEnter TweetDeck for the Chrome browser. I have downloaded and installed it and so far it looks very good. I have added my Buzz account as well as Twitter and Facebook. From a review that I read (more links below) TweetDeck is planning on adding Gmail and other options to this browser.

Since I have just downloaded this I will give it a few days to see how well it does.

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