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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why the 2011 'Social' Super Bowl Will Break Digital Records - Advertising Age - CMO Strategy

I know this blog is called the Ease of Blogging however there are many other aspects to Social Media. The use of Facebook, Twitter and others are worth your getting involved in.

The Internet "IS" your resume if you want to be a social connector. Your blog should have a Facebook page - it is your business. You should have a Twitter handle (oh the CB days).

If you are looking for contacts or contracts your Blog will help but so will you connection on Linked In and the other tools.

The use of many of these tools can be combined. When I post to Curious Voyager I also have a link sent to Foursquare as well as Twitter and my post is being noted on Linked In.

I use Foursquare and Places (Facebook) to login not only for the game playing but also to let people know I am out there.

Hey it can all be fun. Read below and get an idea of where the experts are on this and believe me the Super Bowl 2011 will be big and if the social media thing it is important to them why shouldn't it be important to YOU!

Why the 2011 'Social' Super Bowl Will Break Digital Records - Advertising Age - CMO Strategy: "During the Olympics, big TV advertisers like P&G got extra dividends by using Twitter and Facebook to fan the flames of their much buzzed-about 'Thanks, Mom' campaign."

Digital Overload: Too Much Technology Takes a Toll | Business News Daily

I know we have all heard this a great deal however the article I have linked to below may be worth the time reading.

I have recently stopped taking the phone out every time the notification sound goes off and I am planning on turning off all notifications except the phone ring. The incessant beeping interrupts my thinking and lord know I need all the help I can get when it comes to thinking.

Digital Overload: Too Much Technology Takes a Toll | Business News Daily: "Our constant connectedness, the beeping and buzzing and bleeping digital devices we carry around, aren’t just causing us to become mega-multitaskers, they are also taking a social and financial toll."

Monday, November 8, 2010

Another "Beginners Guide to Blogging"

This blog post is a bit straight forward however she gets it and it is her way of stating the facts. I would agree with most.

One of them is staying the course. I have fallen off it for awhile.

Beginners Guide to Blogging

What should a small business' website do? -

Very interesting read from the USA TODAY. If you have, are involved in, or are planning to have a web site there is some really good information here.

One thing to keep in mind that your website is your message to the people that you want to attract. This is not the place to show off your design talents unless you are trying to sell yourself as a designer - and then perhaps it is still not a good idea.

You website should reflect YOU, your business, and should be approachable with information.

Read on because I think that Steve Strauss did a great, and right to the point, job.

What should a small business' website do? -