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Monday, September 6, 2010

Thoughts on Sharing Your Stuff

The link below makes a great deal of sense - make it ease for fans to share your stuff. In today's world of digital information this could be considered "word of mouth".

If possible make it easy to re-tweet, post to Buzz or Facebook, whatever you write. The more people spreading the word the better for you.

Make sure you give them something worth spreading. Give information that is important to people and then make it easy for them to get it and use it.

Top quality people today will give you credit, the lower group would not have anyway. Once it goes to the web in almost any form it is fair game so make the most of the information you post.

It's Labor Day (or the day after when you read this) so read on and work it out.

Andy’s Answers: How can I make it easy for fans to share my stuff? | SmartBlog on Social Media

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