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Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Have Gone Over To The Digital Side

I have an eye opening experience this morning and I think it completes the transformation of an individual going from Analog to Digital. Another position could be that I have gone over to the Dark Side.

To set the scene; I have changed my coffee drinking preference in the morning to McDonald’s (for reasons mentioned in earlier writings) and therefore I am becoming a McDonald’s Blogger. I am sure I am not the only one, however this morning there was an awakening. Well it wasn’t like receiving the “Water Of Life” but close.

IMG_20100916_084955I went to get a refill (FREE) and on the way back to my seat I passed an individual reading the newspaper. As I approached him, his back turned toward me, I noticed that his coffee cup had an antenna. My first reaction was “That is a strange place for an antenna.” My second reaction; “Why would anyone put their phone in a coffee cup?”.

When I discovered that the alleged antennal was his coffee stirrer I just about lost it. I know I have been at this way too long.

I started laughing and with everyone looking at me I had to explain and after the explanation I realized the absurdity in the picture. I will never be able to look at another stirrer without wondering who it is connected to or if Big Brother has found a new way to follow us.

I will laugh every time I see this. Laughter really feels good.

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