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Friday, September 17, 2010

For The Droid Lover In You – Add Battery Life

OK so this may not be in main stream with topics on this blog however I thought this article in Computerworld would be of interest to some of you. It deals with battery life on an Android operating system.

The article; Improve Android Battery Life: Here’s How by JR Raphael is quite good and on the two pages there are 10 tips worth looking into. I do recommend that you read this.

There is also a QR barcode that will lead you to download a helpful app. The app, JuiceDefender, will work with most Android systems and allows you to further control battery life.

I have to admit that battery life has been one of my issues with my Droid. I have removed Advance Task Killer and added Watch Dog and then removed Watch Dog and went back to Advanced Task Killer. After reading this article I have once again removed Advanced Task Killer. My Droid is running FroYo (2.2) and I read that the Advanced Task Killer is more hurtful than helpful.

Read the article by JR Raphael,  Improve Android Battery Life: Here’s How and then I have added some other articles below.

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