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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blogger’s Are You Ready To Pay Taxes For The Privilege?

It would appear that the city of Philadelphia would like you to pay taxes if you blog.  Per the article at Computerworld: Philadelphia wants bloggers to start paying taxes

I think if you make any money at blogging, be it very little, then in Philly you will pay for a business license. I wonder if they go around to all garage sales and dun them for both sales tax as well as a business fee? Just curious – but then that’s me. 

I may have a different view. My curiosity would ask, along side the revenue potential; "Do specific public official's, in the Philadelphia area, feel that the out spoken ability of the web should be penalized?" Or better yet; "Is this another way to hinder freedom of speech through taxation?" 

If I lived in Philadelphia and blogged for a living I would be quickly looking to move to small town outside of the Philadelphia governments web. And I mean that like the spider and the fly. 

Government representatives everywhere I suspect are trying to figure out how to 1) get money from the web – in some fashion, 2) how to control the freedom of speech, and 3) use it to benefit themselves. 

Philadelphia wants bloggers to start paying taxes - Computerworld

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