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Friday, July 23, 2010

Power Friending

WOW another good book to read. So many lately but this one is right up my alley – or blog. The book; “Power Friending” by Amber Mac. If you are into social media and want to look into ways to grow your business this book is51-ppLcIpVL._SL110_ right on.

I have been listening to Amber Mac (Amber MacArthur) for a long time. She is the co-host on Net@Night with Leo Laporte. It is a fun show and worth listening to. I get many tips on software and links to check out from the show.

Check out the link to the Power Friending website to learn more. Awesome blogger also.

I know I will be writing more about Power Friending as I read through the book however Amber started by thought processes in chapter 1. I am now at chapter 4 and I am making notes.

I know a lot of business people, big business and small business, who should be reading this book.

I have always been of belief that if you want to learn something about business, about software, or about life, you need to read. I was once told that Leaders are Readers, unfortunately I have found business people who say I don’t have time to read. That is sad because one day they will wish they took out 30 minutes a day to read something reasonable.

Most people who say they do not have time to read have time to watch mundane sitcom’s on TV that will not enrich their mind in any way. If you have to get up 30 minutes earlier.

Take time to read. Who knows, you may have something to write about after reading. Look at me. 

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