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Monday, July 12, 2010

More Blog Hosting Sites of Interest

I have linked to the article below since it will introduce you to other places with which you can have you blog post hosted.

We have talked about in seminars and previous posts Blogger (Free) and Typepad (not Free). I have stayed away from Wordpress due to the learning curve involved. This blog is the Ease of Blogging so therefore I keep trying to find the simple ways to blog.

Blogging should be easy, if you are a techie and want to learn software then by all means go for it. There are a great number of people using Wordpress. The idea is to get YOUR word out and whatever you use is only a tool to assist you. Don't make it too complicated or you will loose interest.

The new ones mentioned are Posterous (Free) and Tumblr (Free). I have a Posterous account and I am still trying to see what advantage it can offer and why I should use it. Tumblr I have yet to check out.

Different blog hosting sites fit different people. My suggestion has always been to search for sites on the hosting engine and see what types of blogs can be found there.

Research can be fun. Go and read. See what others are doing.

If someone here is using (or has used Tumblr) please pass along your thoughts. I would be much interested since I am considering starting another blog (or moving one) I would like to hear what you have to say.

Follow the link a read. Have a GREAT DAY!

Waging war on Wordpress: Posterous prepares the switch | Media |

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