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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Innovation Begins with Fascination

From the Idea Champions blog the following is good reading. How far can you take your idea? Or your thoughts?

There is so much on motivation and inspiration however, like the author, I will agree that if you are not fascinated with your project/plan or life you are going no where.

If you are working someone else's fascination there is not much reward. What are you fascinated about?

The article also links to a book, Awake as the Wheel, which I will be looking for today.

Maybe this is how you should approach what it is you blog about, something you are really fascinated with. My thoughts are that you will write more and that it might be more interesting - at least to 1) yourself (important) and 2) those who do read (also important). Put a lot of yourself into it.

I have included a quote from the blog post with the link below. Take a look see.

The Heart of Innovation: Innovation Begins with Fascination: "In my experience, the origin of innovation is fascination -- the state of being intensely interested in something. Enchanted. Captivated. Spellbound. Absorbed."

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