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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Comments and Conversations

I had been pointed to a blog from my friend over at The Eponymous Pickle. The blog, Carpe Diem, is rather interesting. The author is Mark J. Perry.

The specific post that I am referring below to is; "Chicago's Only Wal-Mart Has Improved Its West Side".

I personally found this blog post interesting, nicely presented, and without malice toward any. The blog was informative and true to the author’s interest in Economics and Finance. What was even of more interest to me were the comments. 

Some of the comments were also very informative however some came bearing a flag of their own and some got rather testy. This is something you as a blogger must be prepared for. You can moderate comments or let them flow but you should always be aware of what is going on.  

Read the blog and then read through a good deal of comments. One thing for sure is that Mark has started a good conversation and then it takes on a life of it’s own. Truth is you may get a better perspective as the comments flow which is the objective of the conversation.

Mark, the author, will get more information for his own needs via this lively discussion.

The comments really do become a conversation and as in most conversations you get a variety of points and counter points and then some that come out of nowhere. It would stand to reason that most of these commenter's follow this blog.

Obviously Mark J. Perry has a good following.

On a final note for all you LeBron fans here is another post by Mark J. Perry. U-Haul Index: LeBron’s Not The Only One Leaving. Interesting.

Have a GREAT SUNDAY – it is time for my second cup.

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