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Thursday, June 17, 2010

More on Commenting from Technologizer

Following on my prior post here is more fodder to fuel the fire about comments.

Technologizer is a very popular blog and Ed Oswald, a blogger at Technologizer, is questioning blogging with or without comments.

Some consider blogging to be a "conversation" and I have said that and have used the term to desecribe blogging on many occasions. Now the question is; can blogging be a one-sided conversation? Can we turn off comments and still have a blog?

Does allowing comments legitimize the use of the term blog?

Knowing as Ed says we can delete the inappropriate comments, the ones that are vulgar or use profanity, however not necessarily the ones that disagree with out point. That is what makes up a conversation or discussion.

As always, read the post and see how you feel.

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