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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Advertising Pays Versus Readers Reading

OK here is a blog that I thought would be pretty good and the writing is not bad but the advertising is the pits.

In following the link below it would appear that you are on a classified advertising page with a story written in and around all the advertising.

The worst ad's are the animated ones that keep distracting the reader from the actual content. I was a little turned off by the page.

I did a little more research and it would appear that Helium is a electronic publishing house(?) or perhaps an online magazine for which you can write and even (maybe) get paid. You can check out their What Is Helium page here and see for yourself.

Their front page looked interesting and I will have to say that I started out very negative however I will be going back to look at Helium some more.

Beginners guide to blogging - by Monika Blazevic - Helium

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