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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Work Smart: Brainstorming Techniques to Boost Creativity | Fast Company

Sometimes we all need a little help in coming up with ideas. What are you going to write about? What do I do when the ideas run out and the mind goes blank? Maybe you need a new plan/blog or whatever. This is a good read.

The article (whose link is below) is in Fast Company and written by Gina Trapani. I am a big fan of Gina's and this is a good example of her writing skills. The article itself has good information however at the same time you can get a thought about Gina's style of writing. It is always good to read for information and then reread to see someone's style, use of words, flow. We can always learn.

One of the links in the article is to MindMeister and that is also worth looking into.

If you should be lucky enough to have Visio (Microsoft Office) it has a Brainstroming template that is pretty good and very similar to Mind Mapping. We teach Visio here at the school (New Horizons Ohio Valley).

If you want to know more about Mind Mapping you need to research Tony Buzan, the developer of Mind Mapping. It is a great tool. (the link here is to Tony's page).

You might also want to read more by Gina Trapani. From this link about Gina you can find her blogs and other work. Quite a fascinating person.

Work Smart: Brainstorming Techniques to Boost Creativity | Fast Company

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