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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Twitter power: Learning from ourselves, in real time -

My favorite coffee shop @Starbucks and discovered a newspaper, remember those? Well the front page had an article on Twitter and I just had to buy the paper. It is rather quaint, buying a newspaper that is.

The article was very good and you can follow it here online. I find it absolutely amazing that on a number of occassions in the paper there were links to 'more information online'.

While reading there is also an article in the Money section on page 68, "Mixed feelings greet on-the-go Net access" that is interesting. This is something that I have mixed emotions about. I'll bet you can also find this story online.

I like being connected 'most of the time' however there are times that I just want to sit back and relax. Unfortunately these are times that I choose and some do not understand when I do not reply instantly.

Oh well. Keep on blogging.

Twitter power: Learning from ourselves, in real time -

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