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Saturday, May 29, 2010

How to Come Up With Great Content Ideas for Social Media

In keeping the brainstorming thought alive, here is another view on it and I believe it is quite good.

One thing we all have to do is stay informed. You must read, make bookmarks and review them. I once had a business man say to me "I don't have time to read" and I thought you are really going to miss out on some great knowledge that could one day make you business better.

Someone (?) once said "Readers are Leaders" and that can be a leader in whatever your mission or undertaking is. You could be a leader in you craft, you blog, your career. If you are retired then write a blog on the wonderful joys of retirement and become one that leads others to enjoy it also.

When you have that moment of what to write if you follow some of the thought s in this article you might find you have more to write about than you can get done. Write down those extra thoughts for tomorrow.

To me reading and learning is fun and if I can help someone it gets even better and that may be what you are doing. You are bringing your point of view to the table so that someone else can feast upon it.

Follow the link below for more great knowledge and make notes.

Read - Learn - Write - Live - Love.

How to Come Up With Great Content Ideas for Social Media

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