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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thoughts On Blogging Startup

I have just finished reading a post regarding blogging tips to develop a unique position. I read it and then began to take issue with the wording of some of the tips (my prerogative). The article; “5 Blogging Tips for Developing a Unique Identity” and I am going to present my own slant on each of the tips. We all have our own view and this is mine.

Note: Perhaps my disagreement is more in semantics – it’s you decision. You can read the article and then read my response below and just read my feelings.

The first tip was Topic Selection after which was stated; “It is always good to select topics that have some sort of popularity with readers.” Personally it is always good to select topics that are close to my heart whether it be personal or business.

Blogging is one form of the ultimate niche market. I am not out here looking for a subject to start a blog on that you want to read that perhaps I have no interest in. I need to be into the subject, in the presence of it, and it must be meaningful to me first. That is the only way that I know what someone else interested in the same subject might want to read (or hear or see).

Second tip: Opinions offered. Now I agree with this one. You should have your own opinion that is what sets you apart. Not to be argumentive but to be able to express your feelings and thoughts and then through comments be able to hear and respond to others. Works for business as well as personal.

Blogging is a conversation and your blog is yours.

Third tip: Content quality. Well I might take issue here with the word’s; “…type of information that readers find intriguing, educational, humorous or useful.” If you do not find it intriguing, educational, humorous or useful don’t write about it. I repeat, if it isn’t you then don’t write it. This is your blog and you must feel that you are writing both for yourself as well as the reader. I am not saying to present an arrogant personality, there is always another view, however (again) this is your blog and your point of view.

Fourth tip: Timeliness of information: For the most part I will agree however there are times when it is worth repeating old news perhaps with a new slant. Bringing back a subject that perhaps did not get enough initial discussion and you have a reason to return to that well. Good, go for it. Dredge it back up however don’t just repeat old news, have something new to say. Don’t post just for the sake of posting.

If you heart isn’t into it take a break.

Last tip: Personality. I agree with the author here. “Everybody has a unique personality therefore use it to your advantage on your blog.” The author goes on to talk about humor, sarcasm, or tutorial delivery. Be yourself, write, talk and deliver who you are. Above all be comfortable with yourself and your presence.

blog-promotion1 Now I command you to go and blog!!

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