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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ease of Blogging Domain Name

I believe that in an earlier post I said that I had purchased the domain name “Ease of Blogging”. Since that was purchased at Godaddy I had to point the domain name to this blog. I accomplished that this morning however it may take 24 to 48 hours to process.

When the process is completed I can then publicize the blog at “” rather than “”. It is actually easier for others as that is the more natural way of displaying your address and at the same time your blog is now on YOUR domain.

This whole process is actually easier if you buy your domain name through Blogger, they do all the background work for you and the total cost will be $10, the same as it was at Godaddy for me however I had to do all the work and it can get a little tricky.

Another advantage of purchasing your domain name at Blogger is that you will get a Google Apps Account for free at the same time.

The process to link the domain name to this blog took some time as I had to change a few things at Godaddy (CNAME & ANAME records) and then one thing at Blogger on the settings for my blog. You can find all the necessary information at Blogger by going to How do I use a custom domain on my blog?

My recommendation would be to let Blogger do it, much easier. I have a friend who says; “I like that word EASY”.

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