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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Collaboration – Can It Work in Blogging?

I posted an article on collaboration yesterday on Curious Voyager (the other blog) however last night I found myself thinking about creating a collaborative blog work.

Here is how my mind works.

We were out with a group of friends to dinner at a great spot in Mason, OH named Pitrelli’s Italian Cafe. Right off the top I think this place has great food as well as the best service. It truly is a very nice place to visit. I under stand they are moving to a bigger facility and I do hope they can keep their customer service and food preparation as it is. We have always been treated very well at Pitrelli’s and last night was no exception (loved the violin musician). We celebrated 4 April birthdays and I don’t think it could have been better. 8 GREAT friends, 4 couples (that was easy) with 4 being born in April – 3 female, 1 male. We all came away saying we would go back for any reason or no reason. It was really a wonderful evening. Thank you Pitrelli’s!

I could describe what we all had however that was not the reason for this post.

Now on to the collaborative blog idea.

CinTTDO Taking Cincinnati as the “place” I am thinking about asking people to contribute to “Cincinnati TTDO” or a “Cincinnati Things To Do” blog. One that would take in a variety of places or events in the area. Things to do, things to see, places to eat at and in general present the positive side of this area. 

I know there are other blogs and or web sites however maybe we could be enough different that it would count.

The places or events do not have to be fancy or outlandish, just fun and enjoyable. Does not have to be food, could be a museum. It could also be a review of an event; the potato festival. Why not?

This must be a first person(s) review and we will only publish positive reviews. In other words if the place or event does not warrant a positive review we just won’t write about it.

At present I am considering 3 avenues to go.

  • Avenue A: would be places or events we can reach in the evening and return.
  • Avenue B: for weekends a day trip to a festival or other event within a radius that would allow us to go and return within the same day.
  • Avenue C: to cover weekend trips Saturday and Sunday.

Each of these avenues would be tagged as such and would be able to be searched. starbucks-logo

I will work more on this and get back to all. If anyone has thoughts please  comment on the blog. At the moment YOU are the first to know. I’ll tell my wife when I get home. As usual I am working from Starbucks.

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