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Monday, March 22, 2010

First Step

This is the Ease of Blogging and let me tell you it doesn't get any easier than it did to put this blog together. You can make it complicated if you want to, however, getting started is like taking a walk in the park. One of the biggest pluses is that it is FREE (my favorite economic condition).

All we talk about today is FREE! Not one thin dime, no charge, no cost, nada, nothing.  If YOU desire you can buy a book, and there are many of them, because of the "there is the mystery to blogging" - trust me, no mystery. There are books that deal with why businesses should blog and why blogging is used for political endeavors and only one paper on why blogging is good for you psychologically. There is therapeutic value in blogging.  Blogging - It's Good For You!

What we plan to do is to look at all the things one needs to get started in blogging and in the next couple of hours you will be on your way to talking to the world. Look out NBC, CBS, ABC and all the rest.

Once upon a time there was a motivational speaker that said if you got up in the morning and discovered that you had to swallow a number of frogs, go for the big one first, the rest would be easy. So let's go for that big frog first. What do you want to talk about?

What do you want to talk about. That's right, talk. A blog is a conversation you have with your invisible buddies, be that none to many. Gary Vaynerchuk in his book Crush It says to think of it "as your half of one long friendly lunch interview". He is not far off base.

A blog can be a non-gendered, independent, one sided point of view if that is what you want.

The most difficult process is discovering what it is you want to say. What is high on you list of passion? Is it your business, a product, your music, art, reading, coffee, family, church, political party, hobby? I am sure there is something you would like the rest of the world to know. Yes, the rest of the world. That will be your audience. One thing to keep in mind is they will not be there when you are writing, however, they may be reading and that is when you hear from them.

One thing to realize is that getting  attention out there in the blogosphere may take some time - that's OK, just keep writing. Every chance you get tell someone about it, get cards with your blogger address on them and pass them out. Hey, if you're single this could be a way of attracting someone; "Hi, have you seen my blog?". I've heard worse lines

The first warning: DO NOT say anything on a blog you would not say face to face with your boss, your lover, your friend. A blog will live on after you (that's kind of neat - your legacy) and people will find it (or be pointed to it) over and over. You will be held personally responsible for what you say by your friends, family, and employer so THINK about it.

Now let's get on with blogging.

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