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Monday, December 27, 2010

Leo Laporte Builds Empire With ‘This Week in Tech’ -

Great article at the New York Times on what someone did with a blog, then a podcast, and now video.

Determination, enthusiasm, and a love for what he was doing. I believe him when he says he was not always sure where it was going to end up but he kept pushing the edge of the envelope and I think that is what we need to do.

Keep looking. It is out there and I guess that is what I am doing.

Leo Laporte Builds Empire With ‘This Week in Tech’ -

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Five Innovative New Year's Resolutions | Fast Company

I just posted this to my Curious Voyager blog however I thought this would be good for everyone. If you are writing or thinking about it some of the thoughts in this Fast Company blog could be of interest to you.

Read more, listen more and see more. Let yourself be stirred by all things. Go places you have not been and believe me there are some right in your own city.

Step outside your comfort zone and see how others do it.

Five Innovative New Year's Resolutions | Fast Company: "To be more innovative, then, you need more diverse sources of information and inspiration. Resolve to read magazines you've never considered, watch movies you think you'd hate, and attend lectures of topics apparently unrelated to what you do."

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In Torrington, Conn., a Brave Foray Into New Media Territory -

Is this the new face of journalism? With the decrease in newspaper subscription and an increase in Internet activity newspapers need to find another way to reach the people and stay a viable entity.

As Jeff Jarvis (Buzz Machine) would say. they need a new business model.

This is a story in the NY Times about one way.

I love the very last line in the story; "I don't know what this means, but I guess we'll all find out." Bob Dylan was right in the 60's and he would be right again today; "These Times They Are A Changing".

Read the story however this is another example of how to find information. I read a newsletter produced daily called Reveries. It is a marketing newsletter and always has two good stories in it. This one, Newspaper Cafe, led me to the New York Times article. Check out Reveries, if you are in marketing or interested in it I am sure you will enjoy. Another good source of information.

In Torrington, Conn., a Brave Foray Into New Media Territory -

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Coworking: How Much Does It Cost?: Business Collaboration News «

This is an interesting business. I wonder if we could put one of these in this area and have it do really well? Not sure why not. Starbucks is to noisy to work long in as well as McDonald's and other places. I know they are free but sometimes free does not get it. Just a thought.

Coworking: How Much Does It Cost?: Business Collaboration News «

Keeping Your Ear To The Ground–So To Hear

I have been using various apps to “listen” to the social media tools that I pay a little attention to. I said that right. Days will go by and I will not have tuned into Twitter or Facebook.

In the past I have used the computer and my phone to occasionally see what is going on however it doesn’t quite do the job. I want to be able to tune in from time to time without a great deal of hassle.

I have been using TweetDeck and have found it quite useful however it is one more thing to start up and I am looking for something that is just there.

tweetdeckEnter TweetDeck for the Chrome browser. I have downloaded and installed it and so far it looks very good. I have added my Buzz account as well as Twitter and Facebook. From a review that I read (more links below) TweetDeck is planning on adding Gmail and other options to this browser.

Since I have just downloaded this I will give it a few days to see how well it does.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Common Craft - Our Product is Explanation

Here is a web site that started for fun making video's and now has found a way to monetize their business. You should view some of the videos, most are under 3 minutes and are used to 'explain' things.

Husband and wife started this business and it is really getting the attention of a number of people. Here is a link to a Net@Night show that Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur produce weekly. In this show they interview one of the founders.

Check out the link below and then check out Net@Night

Common Craft - Our Product is Explanation

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Marketing: A Brand's Best Bet in Social Media Is Randomness - Advertising Age - Digital

I found this article to be quite interesting. Too many times business blogs are all about "me" (the company, it's product(s), "getting the message out") perhaps that doesn't work. Too stuffy, no fun.

Perhaps creating a comic or cute comment that fits the day just might add some levity to your blog and show that you are a "real" person.

Check it out at AdAge...

Marketing: A Brand's Best Bet in Social Media Is Randomness - Advertising Age - Digital

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why the 2011 'Social' Super Bowl Will Break Digital Records - Advertising Age - CMO Strategy

I know this blog is called the Ease of Blogging however there are many other aspects to Social Media. The use of Facebook, Twitter and others are worth your getting involved in.

The Internet "IS" your resume if you want to be a social connector. Your blog should have a Facebook page - it is your business. You should have a Twitter handle (oh the CB days).

If you are looking for contacts or contracts your Blog will help but so will you connection on Linked In and the other tools.

The use of many of these tools can be combined. When I post to Curious Voyager I also have a link sent to Foursquare as well as Twitter and my post is being noted on Linked In.

I use Foursquare and Places (Facebook) to login not only for the game playing but also to let people know I am out there.

Hey it can all be fun. Read below and get an idea of where the experts are on this and believe me the Super Bowl 2011 will be big and if the social media thing it is important to them why shouldn't it be important to YOU!

Why the 2011 'Social' Super Bowl Will Break Digital Records - Advertising Age - CMO Strategy: "During the Olympics, big TV advertisers like P&G got extra dividends by using Twitter and Facebook to fan the flames of their much buzzed-about 'Thanks, Mom' campaign."

Digital Overload: Too Much Technology Takes a Toll | Business News Daily

I know we have all heard this a great deal however the article I have linked to below may be worth the time reading.

I have recently stopped taking the phone out every time the notification sound goes off and I am planning on turning off all notifications except the phone ring. The incessant beeping interrupts my thinking and lord know I need all the help I can get when it comes to thinking.

Digital Overload: Too Much Technology Takes a Toll | Business News Daily: "Our constant connectedness, the beeping and buzzing and bleeping digital devices we carry around, aren’t just causing us to become mega-multitaskers, they are also taking a social and financial toll."

Monday, November 8, 2010

Another "Beginners Guide to Blogging"

This blog post is a bit straight forward however she gets it and it is her way of stating the facts. I would agree with most.

One of them is staying the course. I have fallen off it for awhile.

Beginners Guide to Blogging

What should a small business' website do? -

Very interesting read from the USA TODAY. If you have, are involved in, or are planning to have a web site there is some really good information here.

One thing to keep in mind that your website is your message to the people that you want to attract. This is not the place to show off your design talents unless you are trying to sell yourself as a designer - and then perhaps it is still not a good idea.

You website should reflect YOU, your business, and should be approachable with information.

Read on because I think that Steve Strauss did a great, and right to the point, job.

What should a small business' website do? -

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Introspective

For the last few weeks I have been out of touch with either of the blogs that I try to update regularly. Admittedly a number of things have happened; computer crash, remodeling our kitchen cabinets, and work. This doesn’t mention looking for a new car reading two books simultaneously or a myriad of other things that can be time sinks.

The books; “The Way We Are Working Isn’t Working” by Tony Schwartz and Jean Gomes, “The Little Big Things: 163 Ways to Pursue EXCELLENCE” by Thomas  J. Peters (Tom Peters). And as noted earlier I have just finished “I Live In The Future” by Nick Bilton. It was a great read – if you are into what is happening to us with technology.

I think my Kindle will be my best technology purchase of the year. My HP Mini won last years prize.

Note: Books are not everything, my wife and family are everything. Next comes reading and learning (books and experience). Everything in it’s proper perspective.

Back to the blogs. I started Curious Voyager to talk/write about technology, it’s affect on us personally as well as having the ability to give small (or home) businesses great advantages. It was also to reflect on Life, Living and the Pursuit of Happiness in this ever changing world.

I started Ease Of Blogging to demonstrate just how easy it is to start a blog, not necessarily how easy it is to maintain it. To do this on a regular basis takes time. You have to do a great deal of reading so it best be a subject that you like. Blogging itself is like having one half of a lunch conversation where the other half may or may not be listening.

I have to thank Gary Vaynerchuk for that last line. I paraphrased something from his book “Crush It"!”. Another great read.

I know that in my writing I have ventured off on the closing of a Starbucks and my moving over to McDonald’s, who by the way is not into the “conversation” as Starbucks is. I have vented at business operations that are money driven and not consumer or employee concerned. So Life is full of all this.

I have had my successes and failures at leadership and management so I can talk about them. The same goes for Life, Living and technology.

Life is an ever changing experience and trying to stay on the curl is not easy. Every once in awhile we have to stop and look around. I guess that is what I have been doing.

It doesn’t mean that I have stopped reading the blogs or the tech news. I still get a paper edition of Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Inc. Magazine (how quaint).  I really should look into getting them on the Kindle.

My Google Reader fills up everyday however I have been getting Seth Godin’s Blog on my Kindle as well as TechCrunch. In the Google Reader they are free however on the Kindle there is a cost and yet I can read them without having to boot up a computer. Easy, that is the way it should be and the cost, $0.99 or $1.99 a month is not out of line. I think of it as a subscription. I give $2.00 a month to Leo Laporte and TWiT.

So I am still here and I am still thinking. I am writing and I am sure the heat will return. Just this week I got mad at a what I thought was a dumb article at Computerworld; 10 Things I don’t Understand About Consumer Technology.

This one was far reaching to find something to write about, really far. “1. Why is the iPad so slippery?” First I have never heard this complaint anywhere and second I have not found that to be even true. I had an iPad for about 10 days to learn how to use it. No problem here. The writer must have had a greasy hamburger for lunch while using the iPad.

It gets worse from there. The worst waste of time in my opinion was no. 7; “Where are those Google personal time projects?” It is none of your business! Not now, not ever. Good things have come from it not to mention the thought of working for someone who just might value your outside thoughts and contributions.

Been to the Google Campus and would love working there however I would really increase the average work age I am afraid.

OK I just survived a Windows Live Writer crash and still writing. Life does get a little edgy once in awhile.

Have a GREAT WEEKEND and an even better week!

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blogging Isn't Always Easy

I know it has been a while since I have posted here. So many things going on besides work that it has been hard to think about writing on Ease Of Blogging.

We are remodeling our kitchen cabinets, that is my wife and I. Replacing the wood panels in the doors with glass, replacing all the shelving and hinges. Adding door handles and then painting everything – including ourselves. It is a labor of love with a little pain thrown in for good measure.

Work has also eaten into my time so my casual/learning reading has not always been up to par with whatever par is. I woke up this morning to 6 magazines laying on the dinning room table and was immediately reminded that I had some old business information to look into – old by now. At least my Google Reader does not remind that I have things to read.

I suspect that renewals of subscriptions one day will all be for online reading and I will read the magazines on my computer, my TV, or on my Kindle.

I will admit to giving a great deal of my discretionary time to reading on my Kindle. I have finished “I Live In The Future” by Nick Bilton and it is really, really good. The further into the book the more I just wanted to keep on reading. I am now  following Nick’s blog

On another note.

This morning I decided to write. I am at McDonald’s having breakfast and inspiration takes hold. Now I had to wait for the computer to boot. While waiting it made me think that I too want an ‘instant on’ computer. One that is right there, right now, when I am ready to use it. Take it out of the sleeve and it is on. No muss, no fuss, no waiting. The waiting becomes a big sink hole.

Now one would say, ah ha, the iPad. Well yes that could be however it is a bit awkward with it’s on screen keyboard and I happen to use Windows Live Writer to do my writing and that is not available on the iPad. Someone might say “well learn something different” and my response; “This is the best, why leave it”. So the conundrum. 

Now what was it that I was going to write about?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Live In The Future

New book to review. Nick Bilton of the NY Times has written I Live In The Future. I listened to Nick on this week’s TWiT 266: Musty Shelbang and not only enjoyed the show but enjoyed his telling about his book.

Of course I purchased the book on my Kindle e-book reader. I must admit to reading the intro and into the first chapter and I am thinking about subscribing to the NY Times on my Kindle. I have been a registered member of the NY Times for years (12?) and I enjoy going there.

Based on the premise of the book it just might be good reading for those of you who are still trying to get a handle on the digital world. I will write more as I read.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blogging Moving Up As Well As Other Technologies.

Reading InformationWeek’s latest issue the lead article, How the Leaders Drive Growth (Sept. 13, 2010) there are some interesting statistics;

“A year ago, just 42% of InformationWeek 500 companies used wikis, blogs, or social networking to reach out to customers, suppliers, and partners. This year, that figure shot up to 72%”.

There are other  statistics and graphs to support what I think are more changes toward a greater acceptance of communication technologies of today.

One other graph shows 59% of respondents “Deployed new types of collaboration software” as well as 23% “Encouraged workers to use Web 2.0 technologies". 

Interesting read and I have written more myself at Curious Voyager.

Friday, September 17, 2010

For The Droid Lover In You – Add Battery Life

OK so this may not be in main stream with topics on this blog however I thought this article in Computerworld would be of interest to some of you. It deals with battery life on an Android operating system.

The article; Improve Android Battery Life: Here’s How by JR Raphael is quite good and on the two pages there are 10 tips worth looking into. I do recommend that you read this.

There is also a QR barcode that will lead you to download a helpful app. The app, JuiceDefender, will work with most Android systems and allows you to further control battery life.

I have to admit that battery life has been one of my issues with my Droid. I have removed Advance Task Killer and added Watch Dog and then removed Watch Dog and went back to Advanced Task Killer. After reading this article I have once again removed Advanced Task Killer. My Droid is running FroYo (2.2) and I read that the Advanced Task Killer is more hurtful than helpful.

Read the article by JR Raphael,  Improve Android Battery Life: Here’s How and then I have added some other articles below.

Related articles by Zemanta

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Have Gone Over To The Digital Side

I have an eye opening experience this morning and I think it completes the transformation of an individual going from Analog to Digital. Another position could be that I have gone over to the Dark Side.

To set the scene; I have changed my coffee drinking preference in the morning to McDonald’s (for reasons mentioned in earlier writings) and therefore I am becoming a McDonald’s Blogger. I am sure I am not the only one, however this morning there was an awakening. Well it wasn’t like receiving the “Water Of Life” but close.

IMG_20100916_084955I went to get a refill (FREE) and on the way back to my seat I passed an individual reading the newspaper. As I approached him, his back turned toward me, I noticed that his coffee cup had an antenna. My first reaction was “That is a strange place for an antenna.” My second reaction; “Why would anyone put their phone in a coffee cup?”.

When I discovered that the alleged antennal was his coffee stirrer I just about lost it. I know I have been at this way too long.

I started laughing and with everyone looking at me I had to explain and after the explanation I realized the absurdity in the picture. I will never be able to look at another stirrer without wondering who it is connected to or if Big Brother has found a new way to follow us.

I will laugh every time I see this. Laughter really feels good.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More On Location Based Opportunities

This from the Wall St. Journal on the best ways to use location based tools.

From Wikipedia; "A tool is a device that can be used to produce or achieve something, but that is not consumed in the process. Colloquially a tool can also be a procedure or process used for a specific purpose." That purpose could be getting your word out.

So social media can be a tool for getting closer to the consumer, the client. Those whom you wish to reach out to, have a conversation with, and teach them more about you and your business.

A very long time ago in a sales training program I was taught that people buy from friends. The objective was to put your customer/client at ease and let them ask questions. Of course you were to be up front, open, honest and be yourself.

Let people know who you are and go from there.

Three Best Ways to Use Location-Based Social Media -

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tips For New Business Start Up's

Although the link below (from ABC's Good Morning America web site) is aimed at women these tips apply to anyone that wants to go into a business.

In today's economy there are more small business start ups because people are taking things into their own hands for income. There are many ways to do this and just ask a neighbor and I am sure you will get all the advice you can handle.

Better yet read the article I have linked to below. Some good thoughts and idea's. Perhaps even some help if you follow Tory Johnson.

Tory Johnson: Small Business Start-Up Success Stories - ABC News

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I woke up this morning trying to look at what I do across two blogs; Curious Voyager and Ease of Blogging and I found that in both cases it is discovery.

In one, Ease of Blogging, it is to expand on what I know to hopefully give someone ideas on both how to proceed with blogging as well as thoughts about what to blog. I do this by writing my thoughts (some of which might be original) and also by passing along thoughts of others on the subject of blogging.

I also include thoughts on life, attitude, and work processes. It is all about what we do and someone else’s opinion on how to do it. I don’t have all the answers and I have discovered that other’s do not either. Perhaps in sifting through the different methods of thought we can come up with one that works for us.

Above I stated; “I do this by writing my thoughts (some of which might be original)…”. I wonder about originality sometimes. We are a little bit of everything we have seen, read, and heard. We are a part of all that is going on around us and “real” original thought could be elusive yet we go on thinking and writing.

For blogging this is where the “curator” idea comes from. From Wikipedia; “In contemporary art, the title curator is given to a person who selects and often interprets works of art.” In our case the term ‘art’ could refer to writing. More to the point writing of others. That is what we do when wen pass along links to other blog posts that we think are important for one reason or another and would like you to find them also.

All of it is a part of discovery.

All of us read or follow different writings as well as RSS feeds and linking to them and passing along the information to whomever might be reading. I feel this is an important part of what we do.

I also have personal opinion and if you have read this for some time you have seen that. YOU have to make up your mind what is the right thought for YOU!

For Monday – Go And Discover!@

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Now The Other Side of The Coin

There is always the possibility that something will go wrong with your social media strategy. You must be aware of what is going on out there.

The link below to a GigaOM post at WebWorkerDaily is very well presented and worth your time. All the points in the blog post are very well taken however number 2 should be in the forefront.

You have to spend time reading and searching on your business and products. Perhaps you sign on with a service and do it yourself with some software, just do it.

6 Ways to Avoid a Social Media Meltdown �

Now after you read that here is a simple link (same site) for some interesting information on search and the things you can use search for. I use a number of these.

Thoughts on Sharing Your Stuff

The link below makes a great deal of sense - make it ease for fans to share your stuff. In today's world of digital information this could be considered "word of mouth".

If possible make it easy to re-tweet, post to Buzz or Facebook, whatever you write. The more people spreading the word the better for you.

Make sure you give them something worth spreading. Give information that is important to people and then make it easy for them to get it and use it.

Top quality people today will give you credit, the lower group would not have anyway. Once it goes to the web in almost any form it is fair game so make the most of the information you post.

It's Labor Day (or the day after when you read this) so read on and work it out.

Andy’s Answers: How can I make it easy for fans to share my stuff? | SmartBlog on Social Media

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tony Schwartz - Bestselling Author

In doing my due diligence this morning I have discovered a very good blog written by Tony Schwartz and I am passing along a link to a recent writing there.

This writing is very good and positive and if you can put to practice his ideas it could make you better at what you do.

I know that I for one have quit when perhaps I should not have and other times I did not quit soon enough. I think that narrowing my focus would be best, get away from all the "oh that's cool" things, and then follow the plan in this blog post and let my passion lead me.

I am going to download his book into my new Kindle and read it maybe a few times.

Follow the link and enjoy!

Tony Schwartz - Bestselling Author, Speaker, CEO and Performance Expert

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blogging In The Food World

I have been following food blogging for some time, actually food and wine. I do like to eat well and my wine tastes are always looking to be expanded.

Along those lines I also find that blogging in the food world is about as good as it gets. I have linked below to an article that I like regarding food blogging and her (Kristen) thoughts on blogging itself in any niche.

This blog, Dine & Dish is a little different that $5 Dinners in its layout. I do know that $5 Dinners has recently gone through a change. Both blogs are very good however presentation is different.

Look them both up and let me know what you think. Link below is to the initial article (or blog post) to which I first referenced. In that post there are other links to more food blogs. I will have to try the Banana Bread recipe.

Go and read!

The Value of Building Blogging Community (Recipe: Banana Bread) | Dine and Dish

How Many Blogs Do You Follow?

If you follow many blogs you should be using a feed reader or what is generally referred to as an RSS Reader.

I have posted links to BlogHer before and this read is no different - worth the time. The link at the bottom of this post will take you to the blog post I am referring to.

If you are not using a reader you may be wasting too much time. I follow in the neighborhood of 90 to 110 blogs of one type or another and if it was not for my Google Reader I would not be able to see as much.

Virginia DeBolt makes a pretty good point here and shows you what and where you can get a reader. I like it when others get after the same things I do.

A Blog A Feed A Reader = A More Efficient You | BlogHer

Friday, August 27, 2010

Could This Be The Social Media Holy Grail?

This is right on target and so many business people do not get it.

Social Media looks like another advertising tool to most business people and is therefore treated accordingly. I have preached forever that this is WRONG!

Words like exceptional service, interesting content, passionate about customers and build passionate customers.

Oh, just read this and then figure out how to apply it.

5 Steps to Building Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blogger’s Are You Ready To Pay Taxes For The Privilege?

It would appear that the city of Philadelphia would like you to pay taxes if you blog.  Per the article at Computerworld: Philadelphia wants bloggers to start paying taxes

I think if you make any money at blogging, be it very little, then in Philly you will pay for a business license. I wonder if they go around to all garage sales and dun them for both sales tax as well as a business fee? Just curious – but then that’s me. 

I may have a different view. My curiosity would ask, along side the revenue potential; "Do specific public official's, in the Philadelphia area, feel that the out spoken ability of the web should be penalized?" Or better yet; "Is this another way to hinder freedom of speech through taxation?" 

If I lived in Philadelphia and blogged for a living I would be quickly looking to move to small town outside of the Philadelphia governments web. And I mean that like the spider and the fly. 

Government representatives everywhere I suspect are trying to figure out how to 1) get money from the web – in some fashion, 2) how to control the freedom of speech, and 3) use it to benefit themselves. 

Philadelphia wants bloggers to start paying taxes - Computerworld

Sunday, August 22, 2010

'Blogging for Dummies' offers tips |

Here is a new book as well as a post about it with tips.

I have never been a fan of the titles of these books however what is inside has often proved to be very helpful. I look at books like this as taking a 101 class at the university. It will get you started and then if you want to go further there are more intricate books that are also available.

Who knows, you may want to matriculate and become a degreed blogger. OK it's Sunday and I need more coffee.

Happy reading and writing, the ultimate conversation.

'Blogging for Dummies' offers tips |

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Communication Rules/Guides

The article I have linked to below is very good. Rules on Leadership for Communications. If one could practice these by habit we just might have fewer problems in both business as well as communication.

The writer, Don Bulmer, pulls references to Colin Powell whom I happen to have a great deal of respect for as both a lead and a communicator. There is a quote attributed to Colin Powell that I really found to be true.

Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them. They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care. Either case is a failure of leadership. Colin Powell

I believe that is one very big part of leadership and this philosophy works everywhere you have responsibility to people. In organizational relationships as well as in family life.

Pay attention and communicate. Works well in social media also. Read on - it could be the best thing you read this week.

13 Rules of Leadership for Communication, Influence and Social Media Strategy | Social Media Today

Monday, August 16, 2010

Is Working From Home An Issue For You?

I know that when working from home I have to have some planned direction or I will not get anything done. My focus has a tendency to ramble.

I can be reading the morning RSS feeds and very easily get distracted with some post. "Oh, I always wanted to know more about that." Or; "That looks easy, let me try it." Hours are lost.

I think the article from GigaOM below should be of interest. I am thinking about taking the seven thoughts below and building them into a planning sheet for each day I am at home, or even at McDonald's.

Follow the link and read on.

7 Discipline-builders for Remote Workers

Time To Go Back To School?

The following read from ABC News should be food for thought. Not just the kids going back to school but maybe there is something that we could pick up also.

I like the idea of checking in with the Chamber to see what they are doing. As for me, I work in the "For Profit" education network and there are plenty of people coming back to learn new software.

I think it's fun to keep on learning. There is so much out there. Check in with your local Chamber or find the software school of your choice. You might even look at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers.

Read on from ABC News.

Business Owners Go Back to School for New Skills - ABC News

Friday, August 13, 2010

Corporate Bloggin

Not sure if I have posted this previously or not. It first appeared in an American Express Open Forum however it has been re-posted on Mashable. Very good on blogging choices.

This (and the blogs mentioned) are worth reviewing if you are into corporate or organizational blogging.

15 Excellent Corporate Blogs to Learn From

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Age/Subject Does Not Matter - Blog

This is an interesting story from the San Francisco Chronicle. It proves a point that blogging can really be about anything and if you grab or reach out to a specific audience you can potentially start a new career.

Granted Donnie Davis had some writing background however this was started from being excited at being a grand parent - and that is exciting from personal experience.

Check out the link below and enjoy. From the article there is a link to GaGa Sisterhood - neat site.

Blogging grandma recruits others

Interesting Blog About Why You Blog

This is a link to an interesting blog as well as an interesting web site. More information re: blogging and why some people do it.

Interestingly age is not an issue here. Young people or those of us with advancing experience can do this.

The $100 Question: Why Did You Start Blogging? | BlogHer

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Seth's Blog: The places you go

This is a really good read regarding your emotions and feelings. It would be good to read this and then think about the emotions and feelings that your blog may represent to those who read it.

I try to pass along information that can be of help and support you as a blogger/podcaster or communicator. One of those items is to think where your reader or listener is at in their head. If they don't get it, what you have to say, you may not be communicating to their thought processes.

I also tend to occasionally get to philosophical but then those that know me overlook that.

Seth's Blog: The places you go

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Technology Review: Blogs: Mims's Bits: Popularity Is Irrelevant, Says New Measure of Influence on Twitter

Interesting research on Popularity and it's relative influence. I wonder how this will play out in the future of communication and advertising - or the conversation of today.

The power of re-tweet in important here. 'Read all about it'

Technology Review: Blogs: Mims's Bits: Popularity Is Irrelevant, Says New Measure of Influence on Twitter

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Are YOU Ready To Innovate?

From The Heart of Innovation comes Mitch Ditkoff with a GREAT post. I pass it along so that everyone can take advantage of good thought.

Isn't that what we do? Find something good and pass it along.

The Heart of Innovation: The 10 Personas of a Good Brainstorm Facilitator

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Times Demand New Words

Every once in awhile something comes along where I cannot (or should not) add any additional comments. The only thing I can say is; follow the link and read. This is Seth Godin at his best!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Business Blogs

The link that I have placed at the bottom of this writing is a really good short piece that is worth the time to read. If you are in business or with a non-profit, your blog is one way to share you knowledge as well as you image. Promote it.

In my comment I noted that I have a problem with being consistent in my posting. I think sometimes that a business or organization should have someone that is given the time (and perhaps some ideas) with which to maintain that connection.

Your website is important however so is your blog. Your blog is your "person" in person. It is your face to your customers. It is what makes you a "friend" and in most sales programs we are taught that someone buys from a "friend".

Today that "friend" can be a trusted source, and one becomes trusted by being open, upfront, and helpful. You can do that with a blog.

Read on and let me know what you think.

Marketingsherpa Blog : � Blogs are Becoming the New Front Door for Prospects: Is Yours Open?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Update for Windows Live Writer

For those of you using Windows Live Writer you might check out the 8 pages of Plug-ins that you can add to WLW to be more effective.

In Windows Live Writer go to Tools then to Options and on the left side of the dialog box that opens select Plug-ins. As you go through the 8 pages you will find various Plug-ins such that give you the ability to have your post sent to Facebook as well as to Twitter. The idea being that you can get the word out to a number of places at one time.

There are a number of other Plug-ins that could be of value. One that I have seen recently used is Zemanta. Follow the link and check it out.  

What Is Blogging And Much More

This is a very good podcast/video and worth the time to watch.

Guests are; Anil Dash who started TypePad with his wife, Sachin Agarwal, CEO of Posterous, and Kourosh Karimkhany, COO of TPM Media.

Very insightful and pleasant.

One thing they talk a great deal about is allowing comments both anonymous or moderated or you have to log in. I found the discussion very open and with a good deal of thought.

Click on the link and then watch the video.

Reporters' Roundtable: The state of blogging | Reporters' Roundtable Podcast - CNET Blogs

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Social Media Tips - A Must Read

I titled this "Blogging Tips - A Must Read" for a reason and that is; if you are into anything that is Social Media then reading the link below is a must.

From "Power Friending" Amber Mac defines Social Media " web- and mobile based sites and applications that people are using to participate, share, create, network and bookmark online, and often to argue and debate too."

The tips in the link to "10 Blogging Tips. My 1000th Post On This Blog" is a rewarding read. Maybe you should print this out and then impress it into your memory. Every tip is a hit.

Oh, and it wouldn't hurt to follow Tim Berry either.

10 Blogging Tips. My 1,000th Post on This Blog

Friday, July 23, 2010

Power Friending

WOW another good book to read. So many lately but this one is right up my alley – or blog. The book; “Power Friending” by Amber Mac. If you are into social media and want to look into ways to grow your business this book is51-ppLcIpVL._SL110_ right on.

I have been listening to Amber Mac (Amber MacArthur) for a long time. She is the co-host on Net@Night with Leo Laporte. It is a fun show and worth listening to. I get many tips on software and links to check out from the show.

Check out the link to the Power Friending website to learn more. Awesome blogger also.

I know I will be writing more about Power Friending as I read through the book however Amber started by thought processes in chapter 1. I am now at chapter 4 and I am making notes.

I know a lot of business people, big business and small business, who should be reading this book.

I have always been of belief that if you want to learn something about business, about software, or about life, you need to read. I was once told that Leaders are Readers, unfortunately I have found business people who say I don’t have time to read. That is sad because one day they will wish they took out 30 minutes a day to read something reasonable.

Most people who say they do not have time to read have time to watch mundane sitcom’s on TV that will not enrich their mind in any way. If you have to get up 30 minutes earlier.

Take time to read. Who knows, you may have something to write about after reading. Look at me. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Book Review for "The Dip"

I have just finished reading "the dip" by Seth Godin and it was very good. Seth explains "the dip" on the cover as; "It's the fifth job interview where they never even call you back." Or "It's the seventh time you fall on your butt while learning to snowboard."

This is a very good read about when it is time to quit in order to advance and maybe when it is not time to quit. Where are you? "Almost everything in life worth doing is controlled by the dip." (pg 16)

The book is a quick read, only 76 pages, however there is something of interest on every page (at least to me).

You can check out more at Seth's page about the book. You can also find out more information at The Dip @ Squidoo. It is worth looking into.

Today We Are At Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce

This is a real time demonstration of  blog posting.

Update: I had a very good time and enjoyed the session on Ease of Blogging and I hope that all in attendance did. The building is very nice and was a pleasant place to present. I thank all who made it a nice day.

Monday, July 12, 2010

More Blog Hosting Sites of Interest

I have linked to the article below since it will introduce you to other places with which you can have you blog post hosted.

We have talked about in seminars and previous posts Blogger (Free) and Typepad (not Free). I have stayed away from Wordpress due to the learning curve involved. This blog is the Ease of Blogging so therefore I keep trying to find the simple ways to blog.

Blogging should be easy, if you are a techie and want to learn software then by all means go for it. There are a great number of people using Wordpress. The idea is to get YOUR word out and whatever you use is only a tool to assist you. Don't make it too complicated or you will loose interest.

The new ones mentioned are Posterous (Free) and Tumblr (Free). I have a Posterous account and I am still trying to see what advantage it can offer and why I should use it. Tumblr I have yet to check out.

Different blog hosting sites fit different people. My suggestion has always been to search for sites on the hosting engine and see what types of blogs can be found there.

Research can be fun. Go and read. See what others are doing.

If someone here is using (or has used Tumblr) please pass along your thoughts. I would be much interested since I am considering starting another blog (or moving one) I would like to hear what you have to say.

Follow the link a read. Have a GREAT DAY!

Waging war on Wordpress: Posterous prepares the switch | Media |

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Comments and Conversations

I had been pointed to a blog from my friend over at The Eponymous Pickle. The blog, Carpe Diem, is rather interesting. The author is Mark J. Perry.

The specific post that I am referring below to is; "Chicago's Only Wal-Mart Has Improved Its West Side".

I personally found this blog post interesting, nicely presented, and without malice toward any. The blog was informative and true to the author’s interest in Economics and Finance. What was even of more interest to me were the comments. 

Some of the comments were also very informative however some came bearing a flag of their own and some got rather testy. This is something you as a blogger must be prepared for. You can moderate comments or let them flow but you should always be aware of what is going on.  

Read the blog and then read through a good deal of comments. One thing for sure is that Mark has started a good conversation and then it takes on a life of it’s own. Truth is you may get a better perspective as the comments flow which is the objective of the conversation.

Mark, the author, will get more information for his own needs via this lively discussion.

The comments really do become a conversation and as in most conversations you get a variety of points and counter points and then some that come out of nowhere. It would stand to reason that most of these commenter's follow this blog.

Obviously Mark J. Perry has a good following.

On a final note for all you LeBron fans here is another post by Mark J. Perry. U-Haul Index: LeBron’s Not The Only One Leaving. Interesting.

Have a GREAT SUNDAY – it is time for my second cup.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Information from Small Business Trends

This piece/article/blog post is worth taking a look at. Sometimes it pays to review what you are doing, why you are doing it and how you are doing it.

This is a list blog and one that brings some thoughts to mind as to why I am here or why you are here. Read this and write down your feelings regarding the list.

There are times when your Mission, Vision and Values (you do have them right?) should be posted in front of you so that you can see them from time to time. Not sure the best place to put them. I know if something is pasted onto my computer edge I begin to over look it so that may not be the answer.

Someone asked me about what I would pay to get rid of the Google ad's in Google mail. My answer was "what ad's?" Most of the time I don't even see them, and the use of the word most is very accurate. I do see them when I look around and there are times when I do that just to become aware of what is going on around me.

It's Saturday and it is raining out so here is something for you to read. Let me know what you think.

How to Blog Effectively to Market Your Small Business | Small Business Trends: "Reasons to blog: Thought leadership, education, seo, branding, customer service and event promo"

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Innovation Begins with Fascination

From the Idea Champions blog the following is good reading. How far can you take your idea? Or your thoughts?

There is so much on motivation and inspiration however, like the author, I will agree that if you are not fascinated with your project/plan or life you are going no where.

If you are working someone else's fascination there is not much reward. What are you fascinated about?

The article also links to a book, Awake as the Wheel, which I will be looking for today.

Maybe this is how you should approach what it is you blog about, something you are really fascinated with. My thoughts are that you will write more and that it might be more interesting - at least to 1) yourself (important) and 2) those who do read (also important). Put a lot of yourself into it.

I have included a quote from the blog post with the link below. Take a look see.

The Heart of Innovation: Innovation Begins with Fascination: "In my experience, the origin of innovation is fascination -- the state of being intensely interested in something. Enchanted. Captivated. Spellbound. Absorbed."

Sunday, July 4, 2010

More On How To Find Data To Share

Here are more thoughts on finding information to share.

In blogging there are a couple of things that you do; one is to provide your knowledge and thoughts to those who have decided to read what it is you have to say and two is to pass along articles or blogs that will also give information.

In some cases you could be considered to be a creator as well as a curator. I think that is how I think about what I post.

Following along with that concept the link below will give you some ideas as to how to find data. It also says to clean up that which you use because there is way too much noise out there.

I do use Google Reader which I have recommended many times and I have used Twitter. I am on Linked In but do not frequent it or search on it.

Take a look at the link below and pass it along.

Unclutter Your B2B Social Media Sources | Social Media B2B

Friday, July 2, 2010

Starbucks Just May Be The Place To Write

I have made it clear that I am in a Starbucks at least once a day, sometimes twice a day, and that I write from there a good deal of the time. I frequent two different Starbucks in my area (there were 3) and I have always found them to very pleasant to me.

When out of town I try to find the closest Starbucks to make a house call and get some work done. I do this in Indiana (Richmond) and in California (Moraga). All good places with nice people.

Since I also play Foursquare on my Droid I am the Mayor of all 3 local ones (even the closed one) and what has been interesting is that in at least one of them the baristas call me Mayor when I walk in. It is a very fun and a very welcome feeling.

Starbucks recently ran a promotion on Foursqare for the Mayors and I took advantage of it on a couple of occasions.

The article I am linking to below makes a lot of sense and I am glad to know that I am following in the steps of good people.

Take a look see.

Using Starbucks As Your Office? Here Are Some Tips

Real-Time Blogger Stats

It's about 5 minutes to class time however I found this in my Google Reader and I thought I would pass it along for you to read. I will read it later. If you have any comments please let me know.

Google Launches Real-Time Blogger Stats

Monday, June 28, 2010

Facebook Killer - Hmmm

OK here from Computerworld could be competition for Facebook. Kevin Rose is not stranger to getting early information. As the founder of Digg he should know where it is at.

Follow up at the link below.

Web abuzz on talk of Google Facebook killer - Computerworld

More On Business Blogging - Or Blogging For Business

I think that Lena West's list (from the link below) was very insightful and it is put in a good order.

Number 4. paraphrased as find out what's working and what's not working in your marketing program, cut what is not working and add that time to your social media program. I think this is right on target.

To often I hear that "I don't have enough time to do networking" and yet I suspect time is being wasted in areas that are not supporting your business. Sit back and make the list. Go outside the office and look in - is everything working?

I also thought that number 8 is very important. "Create your short list" (we are into lists) - find out where your clients/customers are and go there. We need to spend time with our clients that is what social media is supposed to be doing. No need to try and use all the tools, just the ones where the people are.

And remember it is "Social".

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Advertising Pays Versus Readers Reading

OK here is a blog that I thought would be pretty good and the writing is not bad but the advertising is the pits.

In following the link below it would appear that you are on a classified advertising page with a story written in and around all the advertising.

The worst ad's are the animated ones that keep distracting the reader from the actual content. I was a little turned off by the page.

I did a little more research and it would appear that Helium is a electronic publishing house(?) or perhaps an online magazine for which you can write and even (maybe) get paid. You can check out their What Is Helium page here and see for yourself.

Their front page looked interesting and I will have to say that I started out very negative however I will be going back to look at Helium some more.

Beginners guide to blogging - by Monika Blazevic - Helium

Friday, June 25, 2010

Blogger Eats His Own Dogfood

This post on TechCrunch was very interesting and a fun read. Sometimes your blog can be about life stories that are of interest to someone. I read this and enjoyed it and like any good friendship I pass it along.

Airbnb Founder Eats His Own Dogfood, Goes ‘Homeless’ For Months

Business Blogging 101

This article from the Telegraph (UK) hits the nail on the head. Too many business bloggers spend all their time talking about themselves or promotion and not really "networking" as in the social sense.

This feature relates to Facebook, Linked In and Twitter however it is also carried over to blogging. To often the social media is handled my the marketing department and is looked at as just another advertising or PR medium. Maybe marketing people just aren't social.

Dr. Ivan Misner is the founder, as stated in the post, of Business Network International (BNI) and is the author of Masters of Networking.

The link to the article is below. It's short and worth taking a look at. I like his references to "farming" and "cultivating" as opposed to "hunting". Take a look.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

On Making Money in Blogging

Sometime back I downloaded the Kindle for PC software from Amazon (Free) and yesterday Iproblogger downloaded the book PROBLOGGER - Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income (not Free). I started reading the book on my HP Mini netbook. So far I find it to be a very interesting and useful book so I wanted to pass it along.

I am finding the book to be straight forward and easy reading with lots of good content. There are eleven chapters in the book and they include Bogging for Money, Niche Blogging, Setting up your Blog, Blog Writing, and many other worthwhile things to read.

The web site for PROBLOGGER is the work of Darren Rowse, co-author of the book by the same name. The blog at PROBLOGGER is also loaded with plenty of information and follow up to the book.

Another style and method for you to review.

Amazon kindle for PC A note on Amazon and the Kindle for PC.

I found reading this book on both my netbook and my tablet PC very easy. To get your own software go to Amazon’s Kindle for PC then scroll down to find the link for Kindle to PC or Kindle for Mac.

I started reading on the netbook and then installed Kindle for PC on my tablet PC and was able to access the book and open up to the page where I left off on the netbook. Synching is automatic with Wispersync (part of the software).

There is a registration process however once you set up the Amazon account it really is quite easy.

The book, PROBLOGGER, retails for $24.99 and Amazon had it for $16.49 however on the Kindle it was $9.99 and that is a good savings.

The Kindle allows you to make bookmarks and to write notes which for me is necessary. I had that issue with Audible – Amazon’ audio books on tape or CD.

I know that Amazon’s Whispersync will let you synchronize between the PC, the Kindle, the iPhone and the iPad. I suspect that very soon there will be a Kindle download for the Android phones as well.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Blogging Software

The good people over at lifehacker had a post about blogging software and in that post directed it’s readers over to Wikipedia and a Blogging Software entry.

This is an interesting link as it shows a great number of links and or items that can be of great interest to you. It could be a good reference tool for you.

Look through the entry for Developer-Hosted Platforms and you will find a current list of places to have your blog hosted.

They is also a list of the top 20 blogs (not sure if this is maintained) and the software that is used by each blog.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

More on Commenting from Technologizer

Following on my prior post here is more fodder to fuel the fire about comments.

Technologizer is a very popular blog and Ed Oswald, a blogger at Technologizer, is questioning blogging with or without comments.

Some consider blogging to be a "conversation" and I have said that and have used the term to desecribe blogging on many occasions. Now the question is; can blogging be a one-sided conversation? Can we turn off comments and still have a blog?

Does allowing comments legitimize the use of the term blog?

Knowing as Ed says we can delete the inappropriate comments, the ones that are vulgar or use profanity, however not necessarily the ones that disagree with out point. That is what makes up a conversation or discussion.

As always, read the post and see how you feel.

Comments - Another Point of View

Interesting post on comments. I have put it here for you to get a different point of view on comments.

The idea of a blogger being a curator has been argued before and there are some valid points to this. If anything this blog could be considered that by the terms mentioned in this post. I try to point you to other reporting on subjects as well as write my own commentary.

Read on.

Yes, Comments Can Get Noisy, But We Like Them Anyway

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

Can You Really Make Money from Your Blog with Affiliate Links? | BlogHer

This is a good blog regarding making money from blogging. For the beginner on blogging this should be a must read.

There are also good links at the bottom of the article that could show you the way to affiliate links.

I cannot make too many comments on this article as she says it quite nicely. Read on.

Some Problems with Comments

The story you read by following this link may not be a story you are familiar with. It does bring to light something that as a blogger you need to be aware of - the comments.

When you start to blog there are always those that will disagree with you and some of them will not be nice. One way or another you have to monitor you comments.

Disagreement in conversational form is OK and you should be part of the conversation. I am not saying to get rid of all negative comments. On the other hand, keep in mind that you must also have a think skin.

If the comment is trashy or goes over the line get rid of it but do not take it to heart. If everybody agreed with me I think it might be a boring world the difficulty is in how people handle their disagreement. I don't tolerate insults or foul language.

As I said, I don't mind someone not thinking as I do, it is a free world - right? However if you really want to rant and rave in opposition to my thoughts then get your own pulpit, or blog as in this case.

If you write reasonably I might even point to you so that people can get a dissenting view point.

Dealbreaker Fires Zachery Kouwe

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What I’ve Learned from a Year of Blogging About Saving Money - It's Your Money -

Another interesting approach to blogging and this from TIME.

I try to put links up here to other blogs so that not only can you see various styles but that you see the variety of blogs that are out there.

I thought this one was interesting as well as informative. I think of us all in blogging not as competition but as part of a real time conversation that would begin with; "Have you seen......".

If you know of blogs out there that I should put a link to here let me know.

Be sure to send me a link to your blog and let me also pass that along to others. l

Have a GREAT week!

What I’ve Learned from a Year of Blogging About Saving Money - It's Your Money -

Friday, June 11, 2010

Medication and Blogging

It is amazing how a little medication can inhibit your blogging (or anything else for that matter). I have been away from this blog for almost a week and it is due mainly to the pills I have been taking for back condition.

A little history here. Last Saturday I was sitting in Starbucks reading and writing and posting information to the blog’s I maintain. I got up to leave and felt a my back twinge and hurt a little bit. I did not know that was going to start the downward spiral.

By Sunday I could not stand up straight and walking was not one of my better abilities. A doctor’s visit on Monday and thenPills_and_bottle the medication; Muscle relaxer, anti-inflammatory, and pain killer. That's about all one needs to lose concentration when reading or writing. 

Sometimes there is a reason for not writing. Like the medications says “This could cause drowsiness as well as make you dizzy (don’t go there). Reading the warnings on the sides of the medicine bottle can sometimes scare you into getting better faster. 

The long and or shot of it all is I am getting better and the back is on the mend. I just might be able to stand up in a classroom next week and that is a good thing. I enjoy showing people how they can use their software and to tell about all the ‘new’ things coming down the pike.

My wife will also like it since she will get the living room back and get rid of all the “stuff” that one brings to the sick bed. I have been resting on the couch so if the medicine didn’t put me to sleep the TV would.

Have a great day and take care of your back, you will need it. In fact take care of all the parts it could make for along life. Hope to see you in a class soon.

And that is my excuse for not writing and I am sticking to it.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ways to Improve Your Blog Content

Kipp Bodnar gets it right in his blog "10 Simple Strategies for Business Blog Content". I found this to be right on not only for business but for whatever you are blogging on. This is a very good reference and should be part of your book.

I am not going to re-list all of the items however I would like to bring out a quote from the blog.
"The reality is that the web is full of too many great ideas and different types of content, that you should never run out of things to blog about, regardless of your industry."
This is so right. Read and use Kipp's list as both an example and a guide. Print it out and put it up on the wall, when you run out of ideas read it again.

10 Simple Strategies for Business Blog Content:

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Idea's For Increasing Traffic To Your Web Site

A business blog that passes along information on how to drive more traffic to your blog.

As I have stated many times, a business blog is a conversation about many things other than "what we do". This blog is helping bloggers drive traffic to their site while driving traffic to it's own site.

This business, Drop Ship Access, wants people to sign up for their business however the blog posting is good information whether you sign up for their opportunity or not. They are providing useful information all the way around.

I will return here to 1) see how they are doing and 2) I have an interest in what they are doing.

Want to Increase Traffic to Your eCommerce Dropship Business Blog?

More On What (or How) To Go About Blogging.

Just discovered this blog and I will pass it along. It would appear to have information of interest. After reading the blog click on the title and go to the home page of this specific blog and look at some of the other post's.

I acquired this on via an Alert that I had set up at Google for Blogging.

Learning About Blogging | Blogging Bucks

Reporting vs Blogging - Does It Matter Who or How It Is Done?

Below are two recent articles in the NY Times regarding journalism and blogging. They are both interesting reads and both articles bring up important point about blogging.

If you read (and I recommend it) please keep in mind that these conversations or journalistic reporting's regarding reporting and or blogging appear to me to be searching for answers as to what each individual thinks is correct in today's world.

Bigger picture here is what do you do when writing about others and their thoughts, actions or appearance's? I think there are some interesting questions raised here.

This is Sunday thinking.

If reading this please read the top one first as the second article is a response to the first.

Monday, May 31, 2010

If There Are So Many Blogs Then Why Blog?

OK this got posted before I finished it. My title reflects the question that is often asked. I have linked to an article from the UK that asks questions re: Wine Bloggers and how there are so many more in the US than in UK (or France or other places) even considering the size of countries.

One of the things that I took away from this is that there are many Wine Bloggers in the US - all with different opinions and they write. Some have followers some do not. Some write to that following some write for their own therapeutic value. They also learn from each other.

I guess what I am saying is that it does not really matter if there is another blog out there with the same subject, YOU will have a different way of presenting your opinion and that is what makes the world go round.

A quote from the article:  "Let's get the following disclaimer right up front: except for the consumption numbers below, I have no data to back up the following line of conjecture. It's 100% pure speculation, and I welcome any corrections or damning evidence to the contrary."

This is the author speaking and you have the same right to open your conversation.

By the way this is another writing style and page view. Check it out.

The Cultural Origins of Wine Blogging? - Vinography: A Wine Blog:

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Write Blog Posts that Get Noticed | Blogging Basics 101

And she got noticed.

Melanie Nelson of Blogging Basics 101 got noticed by Mashable and that will bring more attention to her blog. You might want to check out both bloggs.

Reading this (link at bottom of post) you get insight into how to get noticed. Not only does Melanie give you good information for blogging there are links on her blog to other places that will provide more info.

Bookmark the sites (or make them Favorites) and then you begin to compile a book of you own on how to do this - blog that is.

Write Blog Posts that Get Noticed | Blogging Basics 101

How to Come Up With Great Content Ideas for Social Media

In keeping the brainstorming thought alive, here is another view on it and I believe it is quite good.

One thing we all have to do is stay informed. You must read, make bookmarks and review them. I once had a business man say to me "I don't have time to read" and I thought you are really going to miss out on some great knowledge that could one day make you business better.

Someone (?) once said "Readers are Leaders" and that can be a leader in whatever your mission or undertaking is. You could be a leader in you craft, you blog, your career. If you are retired then write a blog on the wonderful joys of retirement and become one that leads others to enjoy it also.

When you have that moment of what to write if you follow some of the thought s in this article you might find you have more to write about than you can get done. Write down those extra thoughts for tomorrow.

To me reading and learning is fun and if I can help someone it gets even better and that may be what you are doing. You are bringing your point of view to the table so that someone else can feast upon it.

Follow the link below for more great knowledge and make notes.

Read - Learn - Write - Live - Love.

How to Come Up With Great Content Ideas for Social Media

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Warning: Blogging can be hazardous to your mental health - Jeremy Helligar - Pump Up the Volume - True/Slant

I love the title of this blog and after reading it, and laughing most of the way, I understand. Jeremy has a lot to say and I think says it well.

You do have to 'think' about what you say and how you say it and be sure to make it as defined as possible without turning the blog into a dictionary that won't be read. Make yourself clear. Reread what you have written before hitting the publish button, something I should do all the time but miss every once in awhile.

Keep in mind that what you post does not go away tomorrow with a new post. Your public writing is just that, public, and after you post it is now part of YOUR history and will follow you forever.

Don't put it in print (blog or email) if you do not want the world to know it.

Warning: Blogging can be hazardous to your mental health - Jeremy Helligar - Pump Up the Volume - True/Slant

Work Smart: Brainstorming Techniques to Boost Creativity | Fast Company

Sometimes we all need a little help in coming up with ideas. What are you going to write about? What do I do when the ideas run out and the mind goes blank? Maybe you need a new plan/blog or whatever. This is a good read.

The article (whose link is below) is in Fast Company and written by Gina Trapani. I am a big fan of Gina's and this is a good example of her writing skills. The article itself has good information however at the same time you can get a thought about Gina's style of writing. It is always good to read for information and then reread to see someone's style, use of words, flow. We can always learn.

One of the links in the article is to MindMeister and that is also worth looking into.

If you should be lucky enough to have Visio (Microsoft Office) it has a Brainstroming template that is pretty good and very similar to Mind Mapping. We teach Visio here at the school (New Horizons Ohio Valley).

If you want to know more about Mind Mapping you need to research Tony Buzan, the developer of Mind Mapping. It is a great tool. (the link here is to Tony's page).

You might also want to read more by Gina Trapani. From this link about Gina you can find her blogs and other work. Quite a fascinating person.

Work Smart: Brainstorming Techniques to Boost Creativity | Fast Company