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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Tool for Blogging–Replaces Live Writer

Windows Live Writer has been depreciated by Google and in the process I had to find another tool. In my discovery research I found that Microsoft had put Windows Live Writer out to Open Source. Now we have Open Live Writer – which I am finding quite good.

openlivewriter-purpleheaderI did make a post on Curious Voyager (where you can also find me) regarding the use of Open Live Writer and I suggest you look into Open Live Writer. The link is and you can download from there.

While at the website, for Open Live Writer, take a look around. Perhaps you would be interested in some of the opening’s they have on board.

I know help is needed as I just discover that Spell Check is not working. I am sure they, at Open Live Writer, are working on it. I need that tool to be sure.

Happy Blogging!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Test a new connection from Windows Live Writer

I think I now have this set up to post from Windows Live Writer. This is a test post to see if that is working correctly.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Article: How To Write A Blog With Great Content Every Time

The following was captured via Flipboard on my Nexus 7 and posted to this blog. Follow the link at the bottom for the complete article.

Finding content for your blog is not impossible. There are many places to find ideas. You started a blog for your brand. You knew it was time, and you knew how it would benefit you. And, at the …

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Article: Can Anyone Read the Writing on Your Blog?

I make my living as a freelance copywriter, which is why many people won't play "Word With Friends" with me. They figure I must know dozens of long and esoteric words. But I believe my success d …

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Update on Ease of BLogging

I know that it has been sometime since I have posted here. Perhaps blogging really got to easy and we have all learned a way to get OUR word out. I still have issues with software and find that often coming right here to Blogger and using the tools built in work best.

I know I can access my pictures (like the one on the right. I can pick those pictures up from my computer, Picasa, and even my phone. I do have to watch the size they start out as what you see on the left is the smallest size I could make of the picture that I had on file. This picture is actually a screen shot taken on my iPad and then emailed to me so that I could include it in a post on Curious Voyager.

You know I find that the old adage of "If you give them an inch they will take a mile" kind of works for learning new tools. If you can do this then I discover something I would like to do but can't with this specific too so the journey begins. Same with app's on your phone or now app's on a computer.

I would like to be able to re-size a picture, within the blog, so that it appears as I think it should. Why not? It is my blog.

As a side note there are a great number of really good stories in this issue of Wired Magazine. I find reading it on my tablets to be of great value. Now if I could just blog from the tablet as easy as I can from this computer. I guess that is for another day.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab For Blogging

I may have posted here before from a 'on-the-road' device but today I am trying to do this with a Blogger app and using my new Samsung Galaxy Tab. I am also using a Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard to do my typing with. So far it is working well however without spell check this is not a good subsitute for using my notebook computer. I for one believe that spell check is important as when we are writing we are more concerned about the flow of thought than we are spelling and spell check (over the years) has played an important part in watching over us.

The other issue is that you cannot add a graphic real easy. There is a 'picture' button and a 'camera' button however not necessarily easy to work with.

I do have to admit the ability to work with or without the keyboard is interesting. I  have added the Nuance FlexT9 keyboard to this tablet. It is the same one that I use on the HTC Thunderbolt phone that I have. The Samsung Tab does come with it's own Swipe type keyboard it is just that I am used to the one on the phone. Any swipe like keyboard is really interesting in landscape mode - you get a lot of arm exercise moving all around. You do learn the keyboard better once you get into the swipe. Actually I really get into it in Portrait mode. I can take a lot of notes and quickly. I believe that is the whole thing about using the tablet. Only now a spellchecker please - one that is built into the tools not something I have to run on the side.

I do like the screen capture function, that is cool.

Happy blogging.

Monday, January 24, 2011


OK here is a blog for you to take a look at. The name says it all. Dig in, I am sure there is someone here that will LOVE IT!!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tech priorities for new Congress: From old to new | Politics and Law - CNET News

I think this is something that all of us should be cognizant of. My personal feeling is that out people in congress will do what it takes to support those who fund their re-election and that may not be in the best interest of the electorate.

The Internet has changed the communication methodologies and in a sense has given power to the people. Some of that will be bad (like everything else) however the majority of that will be good. We will not be left in a vacuum, we can be and will be heard - if we want to.

I have seen recently about the old cliche regarding freedom of the press however that was only to those who owned a press. Today we all have the ability to make noise and we should not give that up. This is not China - don't let it become closed.

Get vocal with that elected official and let them know if you do not do right all the money the telecoms provide you will not be enough to get you elected again.

Tech priorities for new Congress: From old to new | Politics and Law - CNET News

Friday, January 14, 2011

The New Rules of Branding Your Business Online

The New Rules of Branding Your Business Online: "The new rules of branding your business on the Web have a lot less to do with presentation, and a lot more to do with interaction."
This is a really good read. All 9 of the rules that the writer's (Inc. Staff) lay out here make a great deal of sense. They are worth thinking about and seeing how you fit in with them.

Too many corporate social media attempts today still think of it as a self promotion tool, it's kind of arrogant in a way.

I particularly like no. 8. Make sure your About Us page on your web site tells people who you and your company 'really' are. I remember in the middle 90's you could join a newsgroup but would be removed for self-promotion. We countered that by having a really good signature line and it worked.

Being in the travel business at the time you would join some travel group where people would ask questions of members of the group. You could answer there question as if in a conversation 'with friends'. Give them the all the information FREE, even little side benefits and then sign off with your name. However you were allowed to have a 6 line signature and that would tell the whole story. I know people who make their phone ring a great deal from this. Never promote in the group, let your signature say everything. Why? Because people read it.

When finding a web site of interest I will always go to the About Us page and look it over. If that page does not come off friendly and I cannot find out anything about the company I generally will not stay on the site. There is also a lack of trust is the company does not want to say much about themselves in a place that was meant for just that.

Use the About Us page to present yourself in the best light, use your blog to solve problems for people.